Here at LavishMC, we aim to provide a fun, non-pay2win, friendly factions experience to all our players. We pride ourselves in being almost entirely custom made with plenty of cool and exciting features. I hope you enjoy your stay on the LavishMC server, get to know the community and build an empire of your own creation.


- Kai B | Prisinor108, Owner of LavishMC

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Making a purchase:

Before you complete a purchase on the LavishMC store, please ensure that the Minecraft name that you entered is correct as we are unable to transfer purchases across accounts. Once the payment has been completed and processed, you should expect to receive your items within around 10 minutes. If you are unable to get on to the LavishMC server, you should expect to receive your items whenever you next log on (Even if that is 2 weeks later). If you do not receive your purchased items, please see below on how to report an issue.


All of our payments are currently managed by PayPal. Any other methods of payment are not currently accepted.


Payment Issues:

If you have an issue or a query with a purchase you have made, please inform a member of staff on our forums by following the link here.

Please note: All chargebacks will result in a permanent IP ban from the LavishMC server, and further legal action may proceed.



LavishMC is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB or Microsoft, any money made from purchases directly supports the upkeep and management of the Lavish MC server.